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The Internet has revolutionized the way business is done. More than that, it has changed society. The difference between before Internet and after Internet is similar to the difference between before the printing press and after the printing press. It is probably the greatest breakthrough and earth changing event for the free flow of information since the printing press was invented.

Not only the Internet has given the ordinary person a voice in the world, but also a presence. Whether you’re a business or an individual, you have access to the Internet. You can have a presence in this cyber world either by having your own website or by participating in the dialogue with others. But you can be counted.

The Internet is a great source of information. It has even entered into the world of libraries. Libraries have seen in the Internet a compatibility and common purpose. That is, giving information. More than that, it is also a place to bring people together. You can meet and correspond with people who you would never have the opportunity in the physical world.

From a business perspective, the Internet gives the means of leveling the playing field. A small business, even one that has no physical location, can compete with large corporations on even ground. By having a website, you can stand side by side with any other business. The Web really brings democracy in its practical meaning.

If you develop a proper marketing strategy, you can achieve a level of exposure similar to many large businesses. The Internet allows you to apply the principles of marketing. As a Web business, your concern should not be so much about your product, but rather, it should focus on the way your product is marketed.

Anyone doing a Google search on Internet marketing, will find that there are million of sites talking about Internet marketing. This is because, there are many different methods, approaches, opinions, theories on Internet marketing. Such a choice is good. It gives you the option to choose which methods are best suited for your business.

Marketing, whether online or offline, very often is misunderstood, even though it’s been around for quiet some time. Some people confuse marketing with selling. Others think that marketing is advertising. The truth is that marketing is all of these and more. It is really an approach, a way to provide a positive image for a product or service.

Marketing is really a strategy to bring your product or service to your prospect and make him the happy owner of that product or service. Having a product or service and nobody knows you exist, would not help the public or yourself. Therefore you must present yourself and your product. This is done through Internet marketing campaigns.

When you do an Internet marketing campaign, you try to attract qualified Web surfers to your Website or landing page. The primary method of this attraction is the sales presentation for your product or service. This is where copywriting comes in and is so important. Copywriting is a written presentation that seeks to persuade your prospect to own your product or service.

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